Words in My Mouth

from by Wookiefoot



Put those words in my mouth and i spit them right out
And your ear suddenly found that you’re hearing how you sound

Don’t you know that sometime soon your
house is gonna fall on down
And nothing that you can do can keep the
walls from crumblin to the ground
And is there something that i could say to
push past your condemnation
pick a hammer and knock away the
cornerstone to your foundation

Oh now here we go living in the prison of our own ego
falling like the wall of Jericho
really nothing short of a miracle
Oh now here we go how do we escape our own ego
black and white and right and wrong and
what are you afraid of that you can’t let go

when you think you’re disconnected
all inside you’re imagination
self fulfilling prophet stop it
leave yourself disinigration
out beyond ideas of Right and Wrong there is a field
I promise that i’ll meet you there
no aromor and no shield


from Activate, released September 12, 2006


all rights reserved