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The Frog & The Scorpion

from Out of the Jar by Wookiefoot

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Mr. scorpion came down to the riverside
getting across he knew he would need a ride
but all the other animals go running for shelter
cuz they know for a fact that it’s the same as suicide
With good cause no one ever trusted him
help him out they’d be stuck out on a limb
cuz everybody knows that a scorpion will kill
about anything just upon a whim
Scorpion said, Mr. frog, Mr. frog oh, please!!
if I had him I’d be down on my knees
Mr. frog let me ride on your back
and I vow on my life that i’ll never attack
Get your lying arachnid ass up and go
you’re not that quick and I’m not that slow
but you really did put on a nice show
Take me across the river
and no harm will come to you
if I ever stung you know that I would die too
Scorpion turned his back said appreciated all the help
thank you sir but I guess I’ll just go drown myself
he tried to aggravate the stalemate with some guilt
in an amphibious assault to frustrate and the frog said
Wait wait now, don’t be talking crazy man
though my mom said never trust a scorpion
its just not humane to watch a person in pain
but there’s just one thing I’ve got to explain
I will take you across the river
but be careful what you do
if you ever stung me know that
you would die too
And the frog said,
take me for granted I asked for it’s all my fault
When the frog got stung POW right in the back
though he vowed on his life he would never attack
he got stung POW right in the back
with famous last words the frog had to ask
why would you do that, how could you lie
when I know that you know that we’re both going to die
and the scorpion just smiled and said with pride
its in my nature you stupid dumb ass M$%#@! frog


from Out of the Jar, released September 12, 2003


all rights reserved



Wookiefoot Minneapolis, Minnesota


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