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She Sells

from Out of the Jar by Wookiefoot



See how she sells sex by the sea shore
All bow down to the super model virgin whore
Look long enough and you’ll pay a price you can’t afford
It only makes you want it more
And now I know that what you got you cannot get
Because you airbrushed her body and she’s got fake tits
Got a diet, I’ll try it while I’m feeling unfit
Feed me the bullshit I’ll buy it
Feed me the bullshit
While helpless little girl seeks single white male
Bombarded with the thought she’s dependent and frail
And worth inverse to what she weighs on a scale
Make the lady feel needy self esteem is on sale
See how she sells
See how she sells dumb as a rock
And it’s all just an act and the fact is they flock
To illusions of skin deep cracked when she talked
And intelligence slipped off the lip what a shock
While everyday Barbie gets thrown in the face
Of bulimic little girls of all different shapes
Who watch T.V. to make themselves feel bad
About whatever little fat they had.
See how she sells
The Goddess they bought us the female of the species
Are you the Virgin Mary or are you just cheap and easy
Telling us this is what’s beautiful this is what’s hot
Buy this buy that you get what they got.
The subliminal so criminal tunnel deep inside my brain
Train of thought off track mark needles in vain
With vanity insanity made a slave to the mirror
Trust me there is no salvation in that my dear.
I relinquish their rights to myself self worth
All rights reserved, Sisters rise up… its time for a rebirth


from Out of the Jar, released September 12, 2003


all rights reserved



Wookiefoot Minneapolis, Minnesota


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