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Art is dead and it took god with him

Try to save his soul singing in a museum

But you can buy his heart on a discount rack if you look way in the back

I’m talking way in the back

Syrup so sweet sugar making me choke spoon fed so deep

stuck in my throat

Need a sledgehammer if were wanna break through

Hollywood magic like a deja voo-doo

Everybody want the same old song

A clever little tune that we can sing along with

A lot of blank stares in the golden age of pity in the

Vanilla suburbs and the chocolate cities

Promising lips with the devil in his eye

Making all the babies giggle and the young girls sigh

He said excuse me can i take your world order

Happy meal number 3 cost you freedom and a quarter

The rich are getting rich and the poor stay poor

Poverty line’s not a line no more

It’s more like a border

Try to make sense but your words keep you rambling

Blowin all your chances like a riverboat gambling

_Afraid to lose the moment so you do dumb things

Like try to sing a song no one else sings

The melody twists and tweaks off pitch

And everybody wishes for that off switch

I write a catchy little tune and you all sing along

Cause everybody wants the same old song

Everybody want the same old song

A clever little tune that we can sing along with


from Domesticated - The Story of Nothing and the Monkey, released September 12, 2000


all rights reserved



Wookiefoot Minneapolis, Minnesota


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