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from Make Belief by Wookiefoot



every damn day when i get home
my head is ringing like the phone
sanctuary is all i need
but then i see you rotting there
lazy boy with Sega stare
bong sucking leech that makes me bleed
because you take it and you take it
and you never give it back
always dirtying my dishes
always snaking on my snacks
i gotta ask myself why am i still here
are you still here?!?!

this apartment like a living hell
prison riot in a jail cell
what on earth is that annoying smell
can’t you tell?
my roommate sucks

every damn day when you get home
i wish you’d just leave me alone
can’t you give your mouth a rest
i know it is a mortal sin
but i did not wash this fork again
are you going to stick it in my chest
because you give it and you give it
and its driving me insane
i gotta take another bong hit
just to cope while you complain
i gotta ask myself why am i still here
are you still here?!?!

and then i bring home a six pack
and he sparks up a bowl
a brief moment of forgiveness
and then he has the nerve
to smoke and drink it all

my roommate sucks


from Make Belief, released September 12, 2001


all rights reserved



Wookiefoot Minneapolis, Minnesota


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