John Henry

from by Wookiefoot



John Henry had a hammer slammer through a mountainside his eyes
you’d see a new machine was coming running down his pride
in school they taught he was a hero throw yourself in front of never
stopping industry confused cuz in the end he died

some say I’m a steel driving man
really i drive steel
into holes hard enough to bust juices of passion through peels
for my zeal for the new deal
may combat depression of pockets for me and my queen
to get our ticket to a meal
so i feel
to beat the machine before the whistle squeals
i slang hammers
bustin rocks with human appeal
for no system will ever beat me
but the irony
is competition will be the eventual death of me
so let’s see
what the moral of the story be
empathy for machines created by self-reflections
or for those who lube societies with greed and misdirection
linked like chain gangs singing spirituals while death and infection
resurrection of the truth in the form of falsified fables and perceptions
enigmatic like holes that swallow the universe not to return
and in turn
conceal like mascara the biggest lessons to learn


from Make Belief, released September 12, 2001


all rights reserved