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HIgh Is High

from Make Belief by Wookiefoot



if this day got any worse i’d be dropping a verse
about a doctor and a nurse and a cop and hearse
but if its like a rehearsed where the meek get the earth
and the last shall be first i’ll be the front of the damn line
its time i find just how i resign go for yours cuz i don’t even want mine
elated at being sedated a chillum of sativa and glass of wine
i just try to get mine

smoke so much that i don’t know why
on the way down high passed me by and i found that
high is high
try to get higher but high is high
hand in the fire and you don’t know why
look him in the eye just look him in the eye and i found that
high is high

good and plenty ripped and munching on some Ramen
on the couch next to me appeared the spirit of a shaman
saying, “the key’s to be a monk, not just be a monkey,
pissing away your bliss you’re going to be a Bliss Junky”
so i fill her up a chillum and she takes a little hit and says,
“haven’t you had enough of this shit,
you’re going to huff and puff and blow your mind down”
and i said shut up and keep passing that pipe around

high is high is high is high…and high just passed me by

almost had a bad trip fell down
swimming in the silence drowning in the sound
of the voices in the other side of that curtain i’m certain
it’s a bad place i’ve found
grab it by the horns ride it all around
umbilical cord tied me to the ground
but i took to much and cut it got so high
that i can’t come down


from Make Belief, released September 12, 2001


all rights reserved



Wookiefoot Minneapolis, Minnesota


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