Falling Down Trying

from by Wookiefoot



are you falling down drunk are you falling down trying
do you walk with the sheep do you roar with the lion
are you singing your war cry or are you just crying
if I’m not falling down drunk I’ll be falling down trying

my old friend mick McGuire was the best man alive
till he traded in his spirit at the age of 25
now he hits from the bog as he sits on the floor
and he scored a lot of points on his Nintendo 64

is the right to remain silent all you want? (hell no!)
is the television thinking all your thought? (hell no!)
is a man only worth what he’s bought? (hell no!)
is the right to remain silent all you got? (hell no!)

i can’t believe you’re reading all these lyrics
thank you for taking the time we love you

my good friend Michael Conner at the age of 24
had sold himself to slavery to the ugly corporate whore
i don’t know if its wrong but it doesn’t feel right
to be in your Warrior Years and not looking for a fight
I'll scream it with Jah at the top of Mt. Zion


from Make Belief, released September 12, 2001


all rights reserved