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from Out of the Jar by Wookiefoot



If you’ve got a lust of wander
and nerves of steel
If you’ve got a craving for adventure,
man I got the deal
If you don’t mind roughing it
and like to explore
Your space ship has just
come into shore
Let’s go out on a cruise
The air is all conditioned and
they’ve got a lot of food
And if you get annoyed we can
have that servant removed
And when we go to shore it’s
just like a human zoo
On a cruise
You can see natives in their
natural habitat
Selling you plastic trinkets
and little straw hats
They’ll do a thousand year old ritual
for the change in your wallet
It has a very spiritual meaning but
I think they have forgot it
Love, exciting and new, come aboard
we’re expecting you
Flowered shirt men
in a steel drum session
Singing Bob Marley songs
about white oppression
But the lyrics are changed
so as not to offend
Just like I am doing right now
please have a nice day
In the end my friend
you’re just a virus wearing shoes
On a cruise


from Out of the Jar, released September 12, 2003


all rights reserved



Wookiefoot Minneapolis, Minnesota


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