Be Fearless and Play

from by Wookiefoot



Be Fearless and Play (2009)


These are no normal times my friends
I can see the storm clouds gathering
Try to close your eyes to the ignorance and lies
But it still feels like a heavy load
Greed and fear are the seeds that appear
To have taken root through our garden right here
These sights and sounds were draggin’ me down

So I went out upon the road
I went out across the ocean
out to Thailand and Cambodia out to Katmandu
Sri Lanka through Tibet and then down to India
And up on a hill in Rishikesh I came across a holy man
With shining eyes and a toothless smile
He grinned and this is what he said
“There’s nothing so tall we can’t climb over
There’s nothing so wide we can not cross
The time has come to raise your voices
The light burns brightest when all hope seems lost

Be Fearless and Play

Even though we never seem to have it all together
Still I know with us all together we could have it all

Be Fearless and Play
You could live for tomorrow and still live here in today

When i would play when i was a child
I swore that i would never forget no
I will never forget no!

Be Fearless and Play
This is one thing that no one can ever take away


from 2017 Sampler CD (Free Download), track released September 4, 2009


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