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from Out of the Jar by Wookiefoot

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The sun is shining on Egyptian tombs
Casting shadows on roman ruins
Passing over a british crown over to western world
The day has come around
The sun is shining from east to west
One empire watches it rise while the others watch it set
Chosen people what they always feel inside
But every king ruins everything with arrogance and pride
The speaker cone’s blown and it won’t make a sound
Voice drowned to the drone of the phones all around
And all you’re getting thrown are the bones on the ground
While the free worlds backbone’s owned by a clown
The speaker cone’s blown and it won’t make a sound
Voice drowned to the drone of the fear all around
Play follow the leader to a hole in the ground
While the chosen people watch the sun going down
There’s a story that I read back in history class
About a great empire that grew up way too fast
And everybody would admire their desire to
expand their land till they acquired the upper hand
Master minds’ lust for glory left them blind
And kindness would leave what was left of human kind
Leading holy wars in the face of other nations
Swinging holy swords with self-rightous indignation
They alone knew what was right it was their turn under the sun
Cause they were the chosen ones yes they were the chosen ones
And as the civilized world capsized into demise surprise
To see the hatred in the rest of the world’s eyes
Wait stop I don’t want to read this story. It’s cheesy
The moral is way to obvious and the lesson’s to easy
So let me flip through this book for something that will teach me
crack my head open like a talk with Ken Keasey
But page after page golden age to golden age
It just keeps on revolving it’s just one damn story
Page after page, it’s the wars that we wage
It’s the same revolution, it’s the same fight for glory
And the one thing nobody seems to understand megan
we can’t wash the blood that we shed off our children’s hands


from Out of the Jar, released September 12, 2003


all rights reserved



Wookiefoot Minneapolis, Minnesota


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