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Why do you throw stones at your own heart
It makes us sad to see you this way
These ideas that you still cling on to
Don’t belong to you
Throw them away
But our minds play tricks on us all
Waiting for anything to catch your fall
Sit a moment in silence
There you can recall
That the tide will rise
And the tide will fall
And the things that push on you
You can’t see them all
And the moon will rise
And the night will fall
And the things that pull on you
You can’t leave them all

So put your best foot forward
And let’s get out of here fast
Cause your bones are healed
So rip off that cast
And let the past be the past at last

You’re thinking what are you gonna be doing when the pain comes back
But it’s just a shell that surrounds you understanding just got cracked
Like a fruit will split, a seed will drop now will grow another crop
Don’t ever let it stop drop or roll you off the top
Now you can see the season coming and going ebb and flowing
And you know when it’s snowing that the seed will soon be growing
Winter into spring and summer into fall
Got to love them all

And you will rise
And you will fall
And the things that come at you
You can’t fight them all
So don’t fight at all


from Be Fearless And Play, released September 12, 2009


all rights reserved



Wookiefoot Minneapolis, Minnesota


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