Ambition Less

from by Wookiefoot



when he pulls back his bow
and lets his arrow go
with no target he can make no mistake
but with a bull’s eye staring
and too much caring
for trophies and medals he might be wearing
the archer’s hand will tremble and shake

move you ass or just get out the way
gotta get it all done yesterday
push it to the red line
push it to the deadline
make it faster more efficient
if I fall behind I’ll never get a piece of mind
i gotta scrap and claw and climb
because I’m running out of time
Ambition Less Ambition Less Ambition

one night on Easter island, the king he had a dream
offer the gods a giant stone head
the sculpture was gorgeous
the slavery enormous
they had to cut down every tree in the forest
a few years later everyone was dead


from Out of the Jar, released September 12, 2003


all rights reserved