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All You Can Eat

from Make Belief by Wookiefoot



the grass grows in the field and the cows eat all the grass
and i eat all the cows so i can have a big white ass
attention wal-mart shoppers there’s a sale on isle five
so get spatstic with your plastic ain’t it great to be alive
what a happy day at the all you can eat buffet
fill the whole damn tray at the all you can eat buffet
let me here you say “GO USA” at the all you can eat buffet
just throw it all away at the all you can eat buffet
the cows grow in the field and the test tubes grew the eggs
when genetically perfected they won’t even need their legs
get excited Walmart shoppers there’s a new machine to buy
it brings you spiritual salvation only $19.95
woke up one morning decided my i would make contact with
freaks that eyes often don’t have it
saw the glutton eyes that look away from pain
try to satisfy the appetites in vain
look into the eyes of a child to redeem
sing merrily this life is but a dream
one morning i woke up my ear could could hear what
when no one was listening those people who spoke up
inside of every whisper was a scream
of how alone when no one listens so it seems
all I have to offer back is my ear and a song
singing merrily this life is but a dream…


from Make Belief, released September 12, 2001


all rights reserved



Wookiefoot Minneapolis, Minnesota


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