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Ready or Not

by Wookiefoot

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Shawn Kimbrough
Shawn Kimbrough thumbnail
Shawn Kimbrough I appreciate this album because it talks about the feelings I have inside, i.e.,what's important in life. When I heard Wookiefoot for the first time I really connected with the lyrics. It happened to be their final concert in Chicago to end their 2015 tour and while I was there, I felt so much love and positive energy that I am now and forever a Fan. This is what the world needs to hear. (Thank you Fay and Norah!) Favorite track: Just Visiting.
ʎluosuɐʌ thumbnail
ʎluosuɐʌ So glad I found this band!! I want everything you make. And to think I only found them because I love Chewbacca. Tour the East Coast please, Baltimore area. Favorite track: Brainwash.
anne luchtenveld
anne luchtenveld thumbnail
anne luchtenveld Wonderfully happy life music, with a lot of travel culture thrown in. What's not to love? Favorite track: Shangri-La.
Waqas Jamshed
Waqas Jamshed thumbnail
Waqas Jamshed Wookiefoot's music has been like a beautiful sufi rug laid down on the path of my spiritual journey. They have helped me appreciate nature, become a better parent, and above all, they have helped me get closer to God. They will always be in my heart and my prayers. Favorite track: Sweet Silence.
Callie thumbnail
Callie I love this Wookiefoot album. Why? Because this was the newest album they had when I was introduced to Wookiefoot, I attended their NYE 2014/2015 concert at the Cabooze in Minneapolis, by my then boyfriend. My boyfriend died very shortly after introducing me to Wookiefoot and this album, as well as others, helped me to get through the loss. Favorite track: Just Visiting.
Ready or Not 03:42
As you walk along your road Try to find out just which way to go If the trail is clear your probably on someone else's path So to the woods you go Deep into the darkness and the great unknown Blaze through the maze Until you come upon a place that's not your future or your past You walk up to the chasm's edge now And jumping is the only way across Those who seek are never lost Doesn't matter who you are doesn't matter where you go That cycle just keeps on spinning just as long as your alive And at times you will be high and at times you will be low Just remember that when you are falling turn it into a dive Out in the world following your bliss Relax the hand open up your fist Still always coming back to this black abyss You know is a sacred space The fates lead who will All those who won't will just get dragged still Time to let go of the life you planned To go with the one that awaits We're born with wings but do we crawl This abyss is where we learned to fly The bottom's where your treasure lies The bottom's where your treasure lies so dive Oh Mahakala I will surrender Ready or not I will surrender Now is the time to get up and rise And learn to convert the inertia of the dive Put your hands up in the sky, no more need to try I will surrender now In the abyss you know the bliss always rises Power of the now is the people harmonizing Earthlings sing feel the world energize! I will surrender now
Earthling 03:57
I'm an earthling and you're a earthling And we're evolving now so we all sing That I'm an earthling and you're a earthling I see a beautiful new day dawning We got to battle the alienation Help the people isolated by division Come to remind them that it's all collaboration And smash all the self imposed prisons No more solitary confinement See the light being split by the prism But we can get it all back into alignment Oh people of the Earth please listen! Cause we're down to Earth We're down to Earth So dig your toes in the dirt 'Cause it all comes down to Earth An alien is just a human being alienated With their hearts and mind separated And their nature devastated Coming with a planetary invasion Earthlings rise against the alien-nation I'm a terrestrial being and not the extra kind And I can see all the pollution so I must remind That the only way possible to make it all sustainable Is that we recognize that our fates are tied The Earth is not given to you by your parents It is loaned to you by your children The Earth is not given to you by your parents It is loaned to you by your children's children To all my Nature Freaks... To all my Freaks of Nature... Everybody that you see is an Earthling And all the animals and trees are Earthlings And even though that we know that they can’t speak Make a choice for the voiceless, everybody sing... You can try, you can try, to build it wide, to build it high But you’ll never move faster than the speed of Earth
Well you may see a man close up his open hand And see how greed might motivate a reckless fist And you will witness pain of people's petty pursuits for gain But you will never a hearse with a trailer hitch No you will never see a hearse with a trailer hitch Oh hungry ghosts in the land of milk and honey They are people so damn poor all they have is their money Truth be told, the truth will be told Only hear it when we're listening Will unfold for young and old Cause in the end we're all just visiting In the end we're only visiting On this hedonic treadmill building appetite With collections of those little things that shine Oh camels will not fit through needle's eye Your camels will not fit through the needle's eye On the day they lay your body down to bury There will be no pockets on the pants you're wearing And on that day you will see what all it is worth So earthlings don't keep your treasures here on earth Because in the end we're only visiting
Brainwash 03:50
Oh my brain's awash in the sea of misery Over stimulated overly complicated from the info-tainment Nobody to blame man Just wondering where the people who are sane went now Alpha beta delta theta Brain waves up like a storm in a sea Alpha beta delta theta Move through the consciousness unconsciously Got to take it apart look at it now give it a flip and then ripping it out Wash your brain and make it count Brainstorms clear the clouds Of mental hand me downs, gotta get off of the merry-go-round Synaptic gap connected now Won't you help me sing it loud Oh oh, hey hey! You got to wash your brain And I'm amazed by all this pollution in the waves And how they gain from making us feel lazy and afraid Subliminal invaders can't persuade us in a blink So be careful cause you are what you think So be mindful that your mind's full A fine line between a kind soul and a blind fool And in the kindness you'll find the mind less The medicine is always deep inside the silence
So many people in this world so much suffering I see the river on fire the mountain crumbling I put my ear to the earth hear it rumbling Which way will we go People always say it doesn't matter anyway Closing the heart cause they see it every day But not this time we're going not afraid Marching on even though we know We will go through shadows Fear will always justify Even lead a good heart down to aggression Come to know it's so simple If love is not the answer then we just asked the wrong question Don't get me wrong, I can see just how it happens now Seeds of doubt falling around empathy is shutting down All of the hatred in the world see where it comes from From defending a god or a job or a loved one Apathy's a pathogen only wants to spread The longest journey ever's from the heart to the head Like Theseus in the maze following the thread The longest journey ever's from the heart to the head Oh just got to remind the mind Kindness coming back to human kind To find your heart you got to lose your mind To find your heart you got to lose your mind
Don't Stop! 03:06
It all started one day with a thought And then the thought became a word The word turned into an action before it was even heard And then the action come every now and again Until it soon become a habit when The ability to discern your will is slowly getting blurred How did I get here nobody did force me I must have brought myself And I can see all around me all this pain and misery How did I ever create this hell And I can hear my guardian angle scream If you're going through hell don't stop If you're going through hell don't stop In the darkest night a sliver still shines So pick up your head and walk If you're going through hell don't stop Oh thought becomes word and word becomes action Action turned into habit it's just habitual chain reaction Of thought becoming word and word becoming action Action turn into habit got to break that chain reaction Of thought, I thought therefore I was locked in a prison of my own mind And there's many miles to go on the road to Shangri-La But I know I'm gonna find it in my own time Cause in the end it's all ok And if it's not ok it's not the end!
Shangri-La 03:11
It's a leap of faith it's just a leap of faith If you want to find this place You've got to take a leap of faith A mind tied in knots can never believe A hand in a fist clench can not receive We're lifting up the veil to see That it's always been just beneath the own to feet And I'm gonna make it and your gonna make it too Cause you got me and I got you Shangri-La, Shangri-La On the road to Shangri-La Seek and you will find When you look out of your mind We all reunite at Shangri-La In this hurricane of experience You are the roots that I hold on to And no storm shall ever break this foundation Of this tribe that we belong to And i'm gonna make it and you're gonna make it too Cause you got me and I got you I got you I got you I got you know that I got you And I can see you get me too The only way we make it through I got you I got you I got you know that I got you And I can see that you get me too It's the only way we'll make it through to Shangri-La!
You don't need my help with your surrender You don't need a hand to draw your armies down With your armoured divisions and your angry thoughts The battle could be over now with just one sound And it goes like this Sweet Silence All your plastic alters and your worries All of your illusions now of solid ground Stack up with my brick up inside your castle walls But blessed bliss will be the day when it all comes down And it sounds like this You don't have to be that smart to do it But you gotta be stupid if you don't Isn't it crazy that we would know A medicine that could heal the whole wide world But we're so lazy we just won't Try to find silence You don't need my help with your surrender You don't need a hand to draw your armies down The war is over if you want it to be So come on my sisters and brothers we got to Listen to our Mother because one way or another We are all destined to be Returned to silence...
Us & Them 03:36
And it's them vs. us and us vs. them And a battle cry always seems to get an amen And it's them vs. us and us vs. them What you believe is what you receive But what if it turned out to be That we are they and they are we All of this dichotomy is just a false conspiracy What if it turned out to be there really is no enemy What you believe is what you receive Because you see love in in all or you don't seek love at all You see love in all or you don't seek love at all (Sing it with your enemy!) Because you see love in in all or you don't seek love at all You see love in all or you don't seek love at all With everybody fueling it the fire will blaze And crazed by the flames all the flags raised Look into the face of the rage flame will illuminate Keep the karma coming spinning in place So let's all ask stupid questions And question stupid actions Because the fact is that factions are fearful reactions And just fictitious distractions
Tomorrow 02:36
Please don't walk behind me because I really shouldn't lead you And don't walk to far ahead cause it's hard to follow Let's just walk side by side and everything will be alright If I wake up in your arms tomorrow If I wake up in your arms tomorrow Oh someday, someday when we are old and gray And all our time is only time we've borrowed Everyday I will say, everything will be alright If I can wake up in your arms tomorrow Lord let me wake up in your arms tomorrow We will walk through the dark of night We will see the monsters eyes You and me we laugh all the while Cause we can fly And when your feeling down I'll lay down on the ground with you And sing a song to help dispel your sorrow So just take me by the hand Everything is gonna be alright When you wake up in my wake my arms tomorrow Oh when you wake up in my arms tomorrow
Rumi 01:03


released September 5, 2012


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Wookiefoot Minneapolis, Minnesota


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