Out of the Jar

by Wookiefoot



released September 12, 2003


all rights reserved


Track Name: The Frog & The Scorpion
Mr. scorpion came down to the riverside
getting across he knew he would need a ride
but all the other animals go running for shelter
cuz they know for a fact that it’s the same as suicide
With good cause no one ever trusted him
help him out they’d be stuck out on a limb
cuz everybody knows that a scorpion will kill
about anything just upon a whim
Scorpion said, Mr. frog, Mr. frog oh, please!!
if I had him I’d be down on my knees
Mr. frog let me ride on your back
and I vow on my life that i’ll never attack
Get your lying arachnid ass up and go
you’re not that quick and I’m not that slow
but you really did put on a nice show
Take me across the river
and no harm will come to you
if I ever stung you know that I would die too
Scorpion turned his back said appreciated all the help
thank you sir but I guess I’ll just go drown myself
he tried to aggravate the stalemate with some guilt
in an amphibious assault to frustrate and the frog said
Wait wait now, don’t be talking crazy man
though my mom said never trust a scorpion
its just not humane to watch a person in pain
but there’s just one thing I’ve got to explain
I will take you across the river
but be careful what you do
if you ever stung me know that
you would die too
And the frog said,
take me for granted I asked for it’s all my fault
When the frog got stung POW right in the back
though he vowed on his life he would never attack
he got stung POW right in the back
with famous last words the frog had to ask
why would you do that, how could you lie
when I know that you know that we’re both going to die
and the scorpion just smiled and said with pride
its in my nature you stupid dumb ass M$%#@! frog
Track Name: This is Not a Test
And if you seek it know that it will never come
and if you seek it know that it will never come
under your toes is where the greenest grass grows
but becomes like a desert when your
feet start getting numb so I come…
with no fear for the future
with no chains from the past
if your wishing for that mission
lash yourself to the mast
you know that Ram Das said to
be here right now
you know that Chang Tzu and Rumi said to
be here right now
This moment is forever so
put it down and take a look around
and take in all you found
I’m naked making all this sound
get crazy pants and dance around
pound footprints into the ground
life’s a verb and not a noun
know this life is not a test
this is not a test
Track Name: So Right Here
moverator verbarator
got you into out control
move your ass for this will pass
time will surely take its toll
out of bounds and in and out
of knocking all around
feel the heartfelt yearning
turning quest for
higher ground
at least mentally
hopeful floats of energy
come requesting to be
moving frequently
no time abound
but the time right now
speak out for peace and
speak out for sound
this seems so right here
pack up your bones and
move your fast feet
if you’re on the gravel then
you’re on the right street
the sun and the flowers
never smelled so sweet
we’re aligned with the moon
and we’re fluid with the sea
and if you take the smoke
i diagnose it heavily
to comatose moments
hopes and destinies
and if there ever was
a moments memory to freeze
screaming at the waves
coming washing over me
this seems so right here
this seems so right here
feel this warmth right here
this seems so right here
Track Name: Let Her Go
please don’t let her go
lord please don’t let her go
three long years and all i ever had
please don’t let her go
what words could never never say
i know she’s been in pain
and i have felt the same
1000 miles away
1000 miles away
Lord please don’t let her go
Track Name: She Sells
See how she sells sex by the sea shore
All bow down to the super model virgin whore
Look long enough and you’ll pay a price you can’t afford
It only makes you want it more
And now I know that what you got you cannot get
Because you airbrushed her body and she’s got fake tits
Got a diet, I’ll try it while I’m feeling unfit
Feed me the bullshit I’ll buy it
Feed me the bullshit
While helpless little girl seeks single white male
Bombarded with the thought she’s dependent and frail
And worth inverse to what she weighs on a scale
Make the lady feel needy self esteem is on sale
See how she sells
See how she sells dumb as a rock
And it’s all just an act and the fact is they flock
To illusions of skin deep cracked when she talked
And intelligence slipped off the lip what a shock
While everyday Barbie gets thrown in the face
Of bulimic little girls of all different shapes
Who watch T.V. to make themselves feel bad
About whatever little fat they had.
See how she sells
The Goddess they bought us the female of the species
Are you the Virgin Mary or are you just cheap and easy
Telling us this is what’s beautiful this is what’s hot
Buy this buy that you get what they got.
The subliminal so criminal tunnel deep inside my brain
Train of thought off track mark needles in vain
With vanity insanity made a slave to the mirror
Trust me there is no salvation in that my dear.
I relinquish their rights to myself self worth
All rights reserved, Sisters rise up… its time for a rebirth
Track Name: Don't Listen
Time now to let go all that you gotta
little by little the whole enchilada
step out the pot hole dropping the bottle
ass in the saddle handle the throttle
man made a statue carved with a chisel
god took the exit world start to fizzle
down come the drizzle to drip on the fragile
those who survive it are mentally agile
And on the eighth day they came
coming down to wash the brain
try to climb inside every kind of mind
they could attain
and a dollar was their sign
and their numbers had grown
falling on the bottom line
like fire and brimstone singing


Like a disease they cannot stop
chopping the trees killing the crop
democracy’s a paid off cop
down on his knees sucking a stock
of corporate needs you never to talk
never to read only to walk
to old navy gotta go shop
half priced tees are really hot
Mentally ill it’s on the rise
it lies in how they advertise
they televise and westernize
immortalize the super-size
and my eye spies 3000 advertisements a day
and you’re trying to tell me I’m still sane
Track Name: Kegger
There is a collage of photographs on the wall
Of people at the party in a drunk ass pose
The sticky wood floor starts to vibrate
The DJ turns it up and the energy grows
A collage of photographs on the wall
Light from a nearby beer sign glows
And all of this time
All of these words
All of these people
Getting wasted
Here I am in the same place again
Like a recurring dream with no end
The crowd drifts in like a herd with no direction
Grazing on the meaningless stale conversation
There’s a line for the keg even though it’s been dead
But nobody wants to think that’s just too far ahead
And the mistake that I make is to try to come awake
In a place you’re supposed to get shitfaced or baked
And everybody’s talking and nobody’s listening
And nobody’s feeling that something is missing
Let’s just pound another one in the name of having fun
Let’s just burn another one in the name of having…
It’s just not that fun

She slams another shot so she won’t be afraid
When she trades in lonely for a night to get laid
He slams another shot so he won’t be afraid
If you don’t want to see your shadow
you can hide in the shade
It just feels so good to be touched
And it doesn’t matter who at least not that much
And everybody’s talking and nobody’s listening
And nobody’s feeling that something is missing
And everybody’s talking and nobody’s listening
And nobody’s feeling but somebody’s missing
I don’t want to laugh no I don’t want another beer
Lord take me away from here
Slide outside into the cold under the stars
And I think about just where you are and it kills me
Track Name: Ambition Less
when he pulls back his bow
and lets his arrow go
with no target he can make no mistake
but with a bull’s eye staring
and too much caring
for trophies and medals he might be wearing
the archer’s hand will tremble and shake

move you ass or just get out the way
gotta get it all done yesterday
push it to the red line
push it to the deadline
make it faster more efficient
if I fall behind I’ll never get a piece of mind
i gotta scrap and claw and climb
because I’m running out of time
Ambition Less Ambition Less Ambition

one night on Easter island, the king he had a dream
offer the gods a giant stone head
the sculpture was gorgeous
the slavery enormous
they had to cut down every tree in the forest
a few years later everyone was dead
Track Name: The Snake Catcher
Hunter goes to the sacred ground
up on a mountain see the man spellbound
king of the snakes is what he found
but it didn’t make a motion didn’t make one sound
wrapped the serpent up in a holy shroud
throw it on his back bring it back to town
set a stage up for a fearful crowd
people will come from miles around
women and children singing oh my lord
all the people running screaming oh my lord
everybody gather both rich and poor and
more and more and more come pouring
crowd starts roaring sun comes shining
sound and lights will stir the giant
snake awake and people crying
ropes are broken people dying
terrified and paralyzed the ground starts to shake
and everybody running frantically the fear will overtake
and an intoxicated ego always makes the mistake
hunters getting crushed in the mouth of the snake
Track Name: Backbone
The sun is shining on Egyptian tombs
Casting shadows on roman ruins
Passing over a british crown over to western world
The day has come around
The sun is shining from east to west
One empire watches it rise while the others watch it set
Chosen people what they always feel inside
But every king ruins everything with arrogance and pride
The speaker cone’s blown and it won’t make a sound
Voice drowned to the drone of the phones all around
And all you’re getting thrown are the bones on the ground
While the free worlds backbone’s owned by a clown
The speaker cone’s blown and it won’t make a sound
Voice drowned to the drone of the fear all around
Play follow the leader to a hole in the ground
While the chosen people watch the sun going down
There’s a story that I read back in history class
About a great empire that grew up way too fast
And everybody would admire their desire to
expand their land till they acquired the upper hand
Master minds’ lust for glory left them blind
And kindness would leave what was left of human kind
Leading holy wars in the face of other nations
Swinging holy swords with self-rightous indignation
They alone knew what was right it was their turn under the sun
Cause they were the chosen ones yes they were the chosen ones
And as the civilized world capsized into demise surprise
To see the hatred in the rest of the world’s eyes
Wait stop I don’t want to read this story. It’s cheesy
The moral is way to obvious and the lesson’s to easy
So let me flip through this book for something that will teach me
crack my head open like a talk with Ken Keasey
But page after page golden age to golden age
It just keeps on revolving it’s just one damn story
Page after page, it’s the wars that we wage
It’s the same revolution, it’s the same fight for glory
And the one thing nobody seems to understand megan
we can’t wash the blood that we shed off our children’s hands
Track Name: Put it Down
Not again, I feel the knot again
I feel the knot again gotta make it stop again
I really wish we could just take it back to the top again
spiral like a chromosome throwing every stick and stone
but words that really hurt are what breaks the bone
and I know you’ve heard it all before
but I gotta put in my foot before your mind has time to close the door
please little darling believe me when I say everything will be okay
If we put it down and come out with our hands up
you gotta put it down and come out with your hands up
I gotta put it down now and come out with my hands up
my hands up
It’s getting harder now than when we started out
but the road less traveled on is what it’s all about
BANG on the door think you need a place to hide
All the time you’re knocking you’ve been knocking from the inside
And I know and I know that if we put it down
Then we would be a you and me the poetry would be about
Please little monkey believe me when I say
Everything will be okay
Track Name: Cruise
If you’ve got a lust of wander
and nerves of steel
If you’ve got a craving for adventure,
man I got the deal
If you don’t mind roughing it
and like to explore
Your space ship has just
come into shore
Let’s go out on a cruise
The air is all conditioned and
they’ve got a lot of food
And if you get annoyed we can
have that servant removed
And when we go to shore it’s
just like a human zoo
On a cruise
You can see natives in their
natural habitat
Selling you plastic trinkets
and little straw hats
They’ll do a thousand year old ritual
for the change in your wallet
It has a very spiritual meaning but
I think they have forgot it
Love, exciting and new, come aboard
we’re expecting you
Flowered shirt men
in a steel drum session
Singing Bob Marley songs
about white oppression
But the lyrics are changed
so as not to offend
Just like I am doing right now
please have a nice day
In the end my friend
you’re just a virus wearing shoes
On a cruise
Track Name: Wrong Note
There’s a note that’s not right in this song
And every time it comes around it always seems to bring me down
And everyday I hope and pray that God will make it go away
This note that’s not right in this song
There’s a tone in her voice that’s not right
And every time I come around i only seem to bring her down
One day I overheard her pray for God to make me go away
This tone in her voice that’s not right
There’s a sun in the sky that’s not right
And every time it comes around I close my eyes till it’s going down
The perfection in my head each day makes all the good ones go away
Oh Lord, heed my call, send a flood to wash it all away
The tone in her voice
The note in this song
That’s not right